This session explains the scoring system for the game.  The initial setup as explained in the Introduction session includes the first touch, touch 0.
Initially, the objective is to score using the 4 touches to score 1 point.
As the players get more proficient introduce a points system such that they get more points for scoring in less touches.

If the attackers can score before the next touch (touch 1) they get 10 points.
The full points system is a s follows:
Before Touch 1 => 10 points
Before Touch 2 => 5 points
Before Touch 3 => 3 points
Before Touch 4 => 1 point

When Used
This is used after the introduction to set a goal for both the attacking team and the defending team (stop the attackers from scoring).

Key Coaching Points
1.  Impress that there is the balance between scoring at least some points and striving to achieve 10 points
2.  Ask the players to set their own goals

Common Errors
Attempting to score before touch 1 and therefore panicking and  making fundamental errors like forward passes, late passes, dropped ball

Key Tips
1.  Ask the players what is their objective
2.  Lower expectations by asking them to scoring at least 1 point
3.  To encourage the use of all the touches, CHANGE IT by awarding 1 point for scoring on any touch e.g. Touch 1 => 1 point.