It is important that the ball carrier has as many options as possible.  That means having as many players onside so the ball carrier can pass the ball to any player.  There are two ways to do this, firstly the ball carrier moving forward to put players onside, secondly the player who passed the ball retreating to put themselves in a position to receive the ball. 

The second situation typically happens when a player is touched, performs the roll ball and then steps to one side and backwards to get on side.  They will also do this when they pass the ball, though if the person receiving the ball moves forward this may not be necessary to step backwards as the other player’s forward movement will put the player onside.

When Used
This is used in all phases of Beach Touch and Touch games, especially when the ball is passed or a player performs a roll ball.

Key Coaching Points
1.  Correct roll ball technique is required to efficiently get onside.
2.  As soon as the ball is passed , the passer should support the player who now has the ball.
3.  Always expect the ball
4.  Carrying the ball correctly will allow for quick hands.

Common Errors
1.  Becoming a ball watcher after passing the ball rather than maintaining focus to support the ball carrier.
2.  The ball carrier not moving forward down the pitch to put players onside.
3.  Incorrect roll ball when in an attacking position.

Key Tips
1.  Emphasise, the player’s job is not finished when the ball is passed.
2.  Defenders have to make decisions about all support players.  If you are in front of the ball carrier you are not a threat to the defence.
3.  Always expect the ball.