Attacking players are always trying to create space.  This involves the attacking player trying bring defenders together to minimise space in one part of the pitch to maximise space in another part of the pitch.  This often involved preventing lateral movement of the defender.  In the game of Beach Touch the ball will often be in the hands of the middle attacking player.  To prevent the lateral movement of defenders, the middle attacking player with the ball needs to Hold the Defender.  To prevent the lateral movement, the attacker should run with the ball in two hands, presenting the ball to the defender and running at the defenders inside shoulder.  This is the one towards the middle of the pitch, between the two defenders.

This will help narrow the defensive space between the two defenders and increase the attacking space on the outside of the defenders.  This will provide attacking options on the left and right to to the supporting attacking players.

When Used
This is used in all phases of Beach Touch and Touch Games.

Key Coaching Points
1.  Creating attacking space by decreasing space elsewhere on the pitch.
2.  Prevent lateral movement of the defender
3.  Run at the defenders shoulder to Hold the Defender
4.  Run with the ball in two hands and present the ball to the defender.

Common Errors
1.  Running sideways, towards the defenders outside shoulder, allowing one defender to defend two attackers.  This then leaves one attacker against one defender.
2.  Not carrying the ball in two hands
3.  Not presenting the ball to the defender.

Key Tips
1.  Emphasise running more direct lines down the pitch.
2.  Support players maintain width
3.  Attacking player aim at inside shoulder
4.  Attacker should always be looking to engage multiple defenders