This provides an introduction to the Beach Touch Game.  The ball always starts with the middle player, who must roll the ball in front of one of the other attacking players, while making the touch on the defending player.  Once the touch is made the spare (3rd) player runs in an angle, receiving the ball from the dummy half who wraps.  At this point the player with the ball will be in the middle of the two support players.

When a player is touched, the play recommences with the same play as above.

When Used
This is used when introducing the game and at the beginning of coaching session to reinforce the way the game is started.

Key Coaching Points
1.  This is for introductory purposes so keep it simple and not too technical.
2.  Remind the players how the play is recommenced when a touch is played.

Common Errors
Not recommencing play using the correct method

Key Tips
1.  Players will go over the mark and make other basic touch errors.
2.  Do not over coach or over correct
3.  Only focus on the method of restarting play