At the start of this game the ball starts with the middle player.  As soon as one team gains possession, think about attack.  This means from the very first touch start looking to manipulate defenders.  The objective in a full game of touch is to engage multiple defenders where possible.  At the start, the middle player should move one of the defenders to one side to help open up space on the other side of the pitch.  Players should be familiar with the terms “kicking in” and “kicking out” whereby the attacker runs at the defender and kicks (steps) to one side of the defender with the objective of engaging more than one defender.  Once the defender has been moved to one side the next runner and wrapper will provide an attacking opportunity on one or both sides of the pitch.

When Used
Used at the start of the game to initially move the defenders laterally.  Players can also use this when recommencing play.

Key Coaching Points
1.  Engage the defender, make them commit to the touch.
2.  Attacking roll ball should played at the side of the defender.
3.  In a full game of touch any sideways running will allow the defender to hand off the attacker to the next defender.  If this occurs, the attacker has not manipulated or engaged the defender.

Common Errors
1.  Not engaging the defender
2.  Performing the roll ball in front of the defender instead of the side of the defender.
3.  Not performing a correct roll ball.
4.  Not having a dummy half

Key Tips
1.  Run at the defender, kick out.
2.  Carrying the ball in two hands
3.  Present the ball to the defender
4.  Transfer the ball to the correct hand, furtherest from the defender.
5.  Attacker should always be looking to engage multiple defenders.