Ireland Touch League

Ireland Touch League

Ireland Touch’s Return to Play will include an exciting Ireland Touch League.  This will be contested by 4 Men’s and Women’s teams in a round robin series and final. 

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Southern Stags
Northern Falcons
Eastern Otters
Western Wolves

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Who plays Touch?

The game was first established in Australia in 1968 and is now played in more than 50 Countries both socially and competitively. The games global growth is administered by the Federation of International Touch. Touch World Cups have been held since 1988. The game is for everyone, catering for all ages, sexes, and ability. The mixed format of the game is the most popular game for beginners and social players.
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Why play Touch?

The three most common reasons why players like Touch are Fun, Fitness and the Social aspects of the game. Enjoying something with friends while getting fit provides the right ingredients to attract people to the sport and stay involved for many years. There are players from the very young, to those well into their 60s playing every week. The game is not just for players. Supported, referees, coaches and officials all contribute to the Touch Community.

What are the Features of Touch?

Touch is a fast paced fun game with simple playing rules. There is no hard physical contact and relies on teamwork and ball skills. It is suitable for players of all ages for both genders and mixed gender competitions. It is exciting to watch and fun to play.




For Everyone, Fast, Fun and Simple Rules

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