About us

The Ireland Touch Association was first founded in 2007 by a group of Touch Rugby players. Our ambition is to further the growth of this sport within Ireland. In 2008, the Federation of International Touch approved the ITA’s application to feature this sport in Ireland.

The Ireland Touch Association is a non-profit organisation which is run by people dedicated to the growth of this sport in Ireland. The goal is to provide everyone with a safe way of playing rugby, and to show the fun side of this non-physical sport.

Over the years, touch rugby in Ireland brought in various opportunities such as creating teams across the island of Ireland. These places consist of Dublin, Galway, Belfast and Athlone. As of now, people can become part of Ireland Touch.

Like every other sport, there are a set of rules which are put in place. Since this is a non-contact sport, tackling is not allowed. Here are a list of other rules featured in this game.

When the ball handler is tapped, they must pass the ball to a teammate. There is no kicking allowed in touch rugby. There is no forward passing as well, such like full contact rugby. If members of one team are touched six times, they must give the ball to the opposition. In every game of touch, only six players per team are allowed to play.


In 2022, we at the Ireland Touch Association continue our mission and vision to build on over time with the following objectives. Firstly, to promote touch rugby for the purpose of health and fitness, the social aspect and competition. Secondly, to include people of all cultures, ages, genders and abilities, for the purpose of creating a more fun atmosphere and building a community. Thirdly, to grow touch rugby in rugby clubs, colleges, schools and communities. By doing so, we are providing members, new and existing, with growth and development within the sport of touch rugby.

To learn more about the Ireland Touch Association, we have social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a new form of social media presence on TikTok.

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