Expression of Interest

Senior European Championships & Junior North Atlantic Cup

In order to plan effectively for international tournaments in 2023, can you please express interest so we can gauge interest once further information is available from FIT.

At present, FIT have confirmed that the Junior Atlantic youth cup will take place in Nottingham in July 20-23rd.

There is NO confirmation yet on whether the Senior European Championships will take place, however we do know FIT are in consultation on this and we hope to have confirmation by the new year. Therefore, in anticipation of confirmation, we would like to see Expressions of Interest.
All players should express interest, even if unable to commit at this early stage due to other sporting or other commitments. We want to ensure a fair and equitable selection process with all eligible players.

Please respond to the questions below to confirm your interest. This will be used to plan team coaches, managers and other logistical requirements.